Kasa Kazam Legal Stuff

By confirming a reservation and/or staying at the property known as: PT LT 5 BLK D PL 999-1000, Town of Niagara Falls as in RO666113, Niagara Falls herein referred to as “Kasa Kazam”, you agree that you are booking in good will and you will not attempt to damage the property, host’s name, defame his character and/or business(es) and/or Airbnb listing(s) because you are dissatisfied with a ruling by Airbnb or the host in the event that a violation of the host’s rules occur.

You agree to waive any claim whatsoever against owner, tenants or other visitors of Kasa Kazam for accidents or claims arising from engaging in any activity whatsoever on the property. All Airbnb Guests in your party acknowledge and agree that they have read and understand these rules and they acknowledge that physically being on this property or by entering into a booking reservation constitutes a binding and enforceable contract between Airbnb Guest(s) and Airbnb Host.

1. If property is left excessively dirty upon check out, an additional $225 CAD cleaning fee will be charged.

2. Make sure to turn off the lights, air conditioning, and any electronics/appliances when you leave the house. Don’t forget to close the windows and lock the doors.

3. Run the dishwasher, and place all trash in garbage bin before check-out.

4. Please do not wear shoes inside of unit, use the designated shoe\boot area instead.

5. Smoking allowed only outside, 9 metres away from any entrance door or window. Cigarette butts must be disposed of properly, in the ashtray provided at side of the property. Don’t litter.

6. Guest(s) checking out any later than 30 minutes after check out time will be charged an additional $75 late check-out fee. If you hold possession of the property after your scheduled check out for more than 2 hours, you’ll be charged for an additional day. Please note, this does not award you possession for a future day. This additional day charge will be calculated at current base rate, without any additional discounts.

7. Any house rule violation will be deemed as trespassing, and is grounds for immediate removal from the property, and termination of stay. An additional fee of $100 CAD will be applied per guest that must be removed from property. 

8. Upon presenting host &/or Airbnb representative – any issue(s) of cleanliness, missing amenity or other complaint: you authorize host &/or maintenance staff to enter the premises swiftly and without delay, so that they may fix or resolve the problem, up to the standards that you require.

9. Guests & visitors must comply with municipal parking regulations & requirements and must show consideration to other vehicles in the neighbourhood.

10. Only guests that have been added to the booking reservation are allowed to check-in. Please provide host with each (adult) guest’s full name and contact information.

Note: This is a family friendly property. Children and infants are more than welcome but each one must be specified on your reservation. For fire safety purposes, every person in your group must be included in the guest numbers. To clarify, an infant is a person, a baby is a person, a toddler is a person, a child is a person.

11. No unregistered guests or visitors allowed. The maximum occupancy on the property is 8 people. All undeclared guests will be charged $60 CAD per person. Furthermore, any additional people past 8 found on the property will automatically be vacated for trespassing.

12. Please use makeup wipes to remove cosmetics. If towels, sheets and/or other linens are left stained, an additional fee of $35 will be charged.

13. Please do not flush foreign objects down toilet (i.e make-up wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc.)

14. If subsequent guests, with reservations booked on AirBNB or other platforms, are unable to use the property or access their reserved room(s) due to any action by you not limited to lost keys, locked doors, accessibility issues, damaged furniture, smoking, lead times for replacement items, damage to the property or violation of house rules, you are financially responsible for the lost revenue, discounts, or compensation afforded to them by us for the inconvenience.