Kasa Kazam Legal Stuff

By confirming a reservation and/or staying at the property known as: PT LT 5 BLK D PL 999-1000, Town of Niagara Falls as in RO666113, Niagara Falls herein referred to as “Kasa Kazam”, you agree that you are booking in good will and you will not attempt to damage the property, host’s name, defame his character and/or business(es) and/or Airbnb …

Why I Write

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Blank Page vs. Your Mind More often than not, writing sucks. So why do I write? I’ve been sitting at my laptop keyboard, staring at a blank page for just under an hour now. It seems, I’ve managed to fill the screen with a couple sentences now, that doesn’t really mean anything though. To clarify, I did the same about …

The Woman Behind the Magic

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I recently got to sit down with Alanna Frewin, and interview her for a magazine article I was commissioned to write for a local media company. It was an incredible opportunity to take a glimpse behind the curtain, and look at what makes the Wild Magic Show work. I also learned more about what goes into running a theatre in …

Why I Ride a Motorcycle

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When I was young, I never thought I’d become a motorcyclist. In fact, it was something I quietly dreamed of, but never prioritized. But 5 years ago, that all changed. My oldest brother Kristof suggested we get our motorcycle licences. I was nervous but agreed. Later, my other brother Riley let me try his dirt bike. With some difficulty,

A Brief History of Playing Cards

Debated Origins The origin of playing cards is still unknown. However, one of the earliest references to playing cards occurs in Chinese literature, of the 10th century but with no indication of their markings or the games played with them. Then, playing cards first appeared in Europe in the 1370s, either as imports or possessions of merchants from the Islamic …

Escaping Magic with Photography

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I’m almost sure it’s December, only because November just ended. These two months are the busiest for me in terms of private events. Last week I was starting to feel like an automaton. Going through the motions, getting to the gigs, doing the performances.

Mind-Reader vs. Himself ?

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If you missed this post, I began telling the story that took place before the first performance of Magic Mystery Cabaret. In short, there was a  lady who was convinced she was right, when she was in fact very wrong. I offered to do something kind, in order to get on with my night. Why the hell was I being …

Back after a Break from the Blog

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Dear readers, Thank you for being here. I want to apologize first and foremost for having been away for 4 months. I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and even more about why I haven’t done anything to carry it on more actively and more consistently. It turns out, my over-thinking led to inaction, which in turn resulted in …

Three Ways Life Got Better Doing Magic for Millionaires

Time is money, right? Wrong. In case you’re new here, I preceded this piece with two others. I wrote about what I have learned performing magic for millionaires, in short, the first thing is the importance of being generous and the second is do the thing. Here’s the third most important thing I learned from spending time with some moneyed magnates. Time is invaluable. …