Never Forget How Far You’ve Come

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Have you been in the confines of the hellish place that is depression? Do you know of anyone who has sealed their fate with one final, fatal, unalterable action? Successfully completing suicide? This note is dedicated to all of those we’ve lost. It is an attempt to prevent of any more loss of life.

How I Used Magic to Get a Free Car…Legally

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 I’m going to tell you how I used magic to get a free car. This isn’t a joke. Or clever wording to get you to read this blog. The car isn’t a lemon; The person who gave me the car isn’t family or my best-friend; I didn’t just win some bet.

My Blog Won an Award!

Alex Kazam at Niagara Socials with Award for Best Personal Blog

Dear valued readers! We did it! A couple days ago I won “Best Personal Blog 2017” at the first annual Niagara Socials Awards. First, in case you missed it, this is directly from the Niagara Socials Award site:

I Am So Not a Morning Person

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book called: “Pushing Open Doors“ I love playing with baby koalas, after spending the morning hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania. After which, I’ll spend time quietly reciting Rudyard Kipling’s: “If”, as I walk towards the most wonderful group of friends. The feeling of the soft, cold blades of grass teasingly tickling …

Personal Security

Personal Security Don’t worry, I will soon explain the adorable baby! This first hack deals with your cell-phone. This little device has become a staple in almost everyone’s pocket. Whether you’re the CEO of a gargantuan corporation, or the inchoate and gibbering hipster, odds are you have some kind of mobile device. I could spend hours sharing ideas, hacks, tools, …