What Magic Means to Me

Imagine seeing this on a dating website: “Seeking a man, preferably over 6 foot. Athletic build. I want him to be comfortable in telling me he is going to lie to me. I’m looking for that special someone who’s then going to blow me away with how good he is at lying to me. That beautiful someone who will then …

Body Language Basics

Next time you are feeling a bit nervous at that unexpected social encounter (perhaps it’s because you just bumped into your ex and their new partner while out with yours), or you simply want to make a long-lasting, positive impression on someone…I suggest you use the following initialism as a mnemonic* for better body language. S.O.F.T.E.N

Core Belief No. 3: Master Your Emotions

This one takes the most work, but pays off the most in the long run. Mastering my emotions is something that has personally allowed me to save a person’s life, complete a university degree, keep a recurring position as the house entertainer in a number of restaurants, and come off as calm, cool and collected in high-stress situations.

Core Belief No. 2: Make Friends

This one sounds simple, but can be tremendously involving, difficult and even costly. Make friends. Yes. Essentially, that’s it. It is simple. Friends will always be an asset. Friends can protect you. Friends can save your a$$. Friends can influence the decision of others. Friends can lead to perks. Friends can offer comfort and satisfaction, and they’ll feel great about …

Core Belief No. 1: Blending In

Here are some of my core beliefs which I use to operate effectively and make important decisions. (These are not so much just beliefs as rules, but let’s call them beliefs, as rules stirs up all the wrong pictures for now.)

An Introduction to a More Convenient Reality

Some of this blog, will consist of a collection of all the dirty, ingenious, sometimes reckless, other times brilliant little bits, tricks and means I’ve used, will use or have thought about using on my passage through this journey we call life. I do not consider myself to be an anarchist, non-conformist, or radical extremist. To do so, would pose …

Welcome to my new blog and website!

THIS SITE IS BEING UPDATED EVERY WEEK Hey folks, thanks for visiting my website! It’s come a long way! I have an awesome team of individuals working on it every week, and personally add content weekly as well. It should be up and running fully by June 2017, so if any parts of the website aren’t working, please come visit …