St. Louis Bar & Grill
(905) 682-9464


St. Louis Br & Grill
300 4th Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2S0E6


Apr 25 2019 - Apr 26 2019


6:00 pm - 12:05 am


Free with Purchase of a Meal

At the Table – St. Louis

st. catharines st.louis bar grill alex kazam magic mind reader mystery close up personal walk around magician
Come meet the most mysterious dinner-guest you’ve probably never heard of. Alex gets up close and personal with you and your guests.

The impossible happens right under your nose
(unless it’s cold and flu season)! Alex will sit with you while you wait for your meal, or once you’ve finished eating.

The effects vary from miracle-level displays of telepathy, using nothing but your mind, to casino-banned routines using playing cards.

We’ve seen Alex borrow ordinary small items like coins, bills, lighters, even cell phones and turn them extraordinary!

Please note scheduled times and dates are subject to change.
Please call (905) 682-9464 the day you plan on visiting to ensure Alex is present, or visit: for frequent updates.