What will you be saying?

“Wow kid! That’s really, really impressive. I can’t believe it. Awesome job!”

Paul Shaffer
Singer, Actor, Voice Over Actor, Comedian, Author.

“Hahaha! Ok! What the F***!?!”

Nicole Holness
TV Host, R&B Singer, MTV Live

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts, you are going to do incredible things my friend.”

David Suzuki
Academic, Science Broadcaster, Environmetal Activist, David Suzuki Foundation

“I have hired Alex numerous times for various events. He has added great value at all kinds of events! From the unveiling of a new vehicle at my work, to my family’s private functions at our home. He hits it out of the park, every single time.”

Andrew Marchand
Vice President and General Manager, Performance BMW

“I have employed Alex Kazam for both corporate functions with our radio stations and also for my Entertainment for special events. Alex has a show for all events and demographics.”

Tim Atherton
Senior Account Executive, Bell Media

“Great job! I am still speechless.”

Liz West
Television Host and Media Personality, CHCH, CP24, CTV, CosmoTV